The Kedgwick River, NB......        

Before crossing over into Quebec, Carol and I did a day trip on New Brunswick's Kedgwick River (located 100 km southwest of Campbellton). The river was a lot like the Grassy River south of Timmins, Ontario - a fast flowing river with wide banks, a shallow gravelly bottom and steep eroded gavel banks at the river bends. It made for a very pretty trip especially with the two-tone green deciduous/coniferous forest in the back-ground.

We put in just above Rapid Depot which was approximately 35 km from the put in. It sounded like a lot of canoeing for a day but the current was non-stop so we just flew along. It was like one long continuous swift. There were no rapids to scout either which made the trip faster. The only rapids at all were the ones at Rapid Depot and a rock ledge further down. The ledge provided a good play spot and although we didn't stay long we surfed it a bit and attempted to ferry across (we made it but in a very inelegant fashion).

The boats used by the locals to access the rivers provided another point of interest. Because many of the rivers in the area exhibit the same shallow fast flowing characteristics of the Kedgwick the boats used were these longish (approximately 18 to 20 feet) big heavy square sterned canoes. A motor was attached but it appeared that the prop didn't protrude much below the keel line (if at all). They also had some kind of anchor affair way up front rigged with a pulley so the driver (18' behind) could quickly drop it the few feet required to reach river bottom. They sure looked well adapted to the local rivers and nothing like the 14' or 16' aluminum boats we were used to from Ontario. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of one.




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