Fun Facts and Funky Figures        

The Numbers...

Distance covered in 2003 (May 30 to Sept 30) = 20,289 km.
Distance covered in 2004 (May 21 to Sept 08) = 20,884 km.
- Length of longest dirt road (approx.) = 1,400 km (Quebec and Labrador) but the Yukon & NWT weren't far behind!
- Farthest north: km 80 of the Dempster Highway (N64 36.399', W138 20.473')
Litres of fuel consumed = 5,799 liters with a total fuel bill of $5,101.21
Average fuel consumption = 17.35 mpg
Cheapest gas = 0.77 cents/liter (Westlock, Alberta)
Most expensive gas = 1.15 cents/liter (Intersection of Hwy 1 and Hwy 7, NWT)
Approximate amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted by burning all of this fuel = 10,965 kg
Number of times we received free smoked fish with an oil change = 1 (in New Brunswick)
Number of flat tires = 1 (in Labrador)
Days on the road in 2003 = 108
Days on the road in 2004 = 111
Number of ferries taken in 2003 = 5
Number of ferries taken in 2004 = 5
Longest ferry ride = 13 hours (Happy Valley Goose Bay, LAB to Cartwright, LAB)
Funnest ferry ride = BC Ferries, Port Hardy to Bella Coola (they sang to us & stopped the ferry if a whale was spotted!)
Number of provinces visited in 2003 = 5 (NS, NB, NFLD/LAB, PQ, ON)
Number of provinces visited in 2004 = 6 (MB, SK, AB, BC, Yukon, NWT)
Longest portage = 2.5km on the Ashuapmushuan River
Maximum number of portages in a 0.8 km stretch = 5 (Baptism Creek, Quetico, ON)
Number of relatives and friends that came to visit during our trip = 7
Mary Anne and Ed Sulis, Joanne and Aaron Robb and Bill and Linda Smith (three times!). Thanks guys!
Number of days it didn't rain or shower on us in July 2003 = 3
Maximum number of days of consecutive rain and/or showers in 2003 = lost count but it was wet
And the last 6 weeks of 2004 were no better... What a year(s) to quit our jobs!
Province with the most moose = Newfoundland
They are EVERYWHERE. We used to have "2 moose days" or "3 moose days" just driving around.
Approximate number of photos taken in 2003 = 5,440
Approximate number of photos taken in 2004 = 6,956
Thankfully they were all digital!
Area with the straightest roads = the Prairies of course
Maximum distance driven without touching the steering wheel at 100 km/hr = approximately 800 meters
Number of months of sleeping without a real bed = 18 months

Best and Worst

Our vote for best set-up bike route in Canada = Veloroute des Bleuets (Lac St. Jean, PQ)
Roughest roads in general = Quebec
Roughest specific stretch of road = Labrador (on the unfinished Cartwright Highway)
Best provincial parks = Ontario and British Columbia
Worst provincial parks = Manitoba and Saskatchewan (are they towns or are they parks?)
Friendliest provincial park staff = Newfoundland
Most isolated province = Labrador
Neatest, steepest sided, most undeveloped and historically interesting mountain pass = Highway 20, "The Hill" (near Bella Coola, BC)
Most windy road = Vancouver Island, Highway 14 (Sooke to Port Renfrew)

Number of Animos we saw

23 moose including one...

while whale watching (it's true)!

19 black bears of which...
...14 were in BC!

Many bald eagles

1 turtle

LOTS of porcupines

14+ whales

Dozens of jumping atlantic salmon
and many BC spring salmon

4 mice, 1 living in the
truck (arrghh!)

6 elk

A herd of distant cariboo
and 9 up close

Dozens of deer

6 wild (?) goats

Herds of bison

4 pikas

2 marmots

6 fox
Marine life we saw included:
- Seals and California Seal Lions
- Bat and Ochre Starfish
- Sunflower Starfish
- Dungeness and Hermit Crabs
- Purple Shore Crabs
- Green Anemones
- Tidepool Sculpins

Favorite Place Names

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