Trip Highlights        

September 7, 2004 was our last night on the road and the end of our Cross-Canada journey. As we watched the dying embers in the last (and ironically one of the few) fire we were to build we reflected on our long journey and recalled some of our favorite places and memories. We have shared these below.

Our Favorite Places...

The most commonly asked question we get is where our favorite spot is in the country. We are not being evasive when we say we don't have one. This is such a huge, wonderful and varied country that it is simply impossible to name one favorite place. We can't even agree between the two of us! We can however, give you several of our favorite places. Keep in mind however, that these places are not always a provinces biggest, best or most spectacular. They are just places that we really liked.

Province Stephen Carol

Nova ScotiaStormont: Salsman Provincial ParkNorth-west of Meat Cove
New BrunswickHwy 8 to MiramichiKedgwick River and Campbellton
NewfoundlandGros Morne and Sir Richard Squires Memorial ParkL'Anse aux Meadows
LabradorRed Bay and L'Anse AmourChurchill Dam, ferries and ice-bergs
QuebecNorth shore of the St. Lawrence above Sept-IlesNorth of Quebec City
OntarioAnywhere in the shieldLake Superior
ManitobaGrass River area... the same
SaskatchewanThe prairies in the evening sunThe shield country in the north
AlbertaKananaskis CountryThe badlands
British ColumbiaSmithersRevelstoke

Trip Highlights...

  • Quebec's Highway 389 and the Labrador Highway
  • Quebec's Lac Saint-Jean bike trip
  • The Yukon and the forest fires
  • The Newfoundland and Labrador ferry and icebergs
  • British Columbia's starfish
  • Digging clams in Newfoundland
  • Picking oysters in British Columbia
  • Quebec's Riviere aux Rocheres
  • The solidification of Carol's French
  • The caves on Vancouver Island
  • Seeing so much northern country
  • Getting fit and losing our office-job bodies

  • Trip Lowlights...

  • 2002 Coleman Sedona Camper
  • 2 summers with above average precipitation
  • Not enough family-and-friend breaks during the 2004 trip
  • Big, pushy, gas-guzzling RVs taking over from family tents
  • Portable generators at campsites
  • People leaving garbage everywhere

  • Gear that really stood up...

  • 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
  • Canon PowerShot G3 digital camera
  • Kelty 2 person, 4 season tent
  • Mountain Hardware convertible pack pants

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