Cape Split, Nova Scotia

In September 2002 Stephen had a business trip out east so we took advantage the situation and Carol flew out for the week-end. We had an excellent time relaxing, hiking and sailing. Our hike was on Cape Spilt which looks out into Minas Basin to the east and Bay of Fundy to the west and juts between the two bodies of water. This was a pleasant 2 hour hike (one way) and lead to a beautiful view overlooking both bays. After the hike, we walked along the shoreline and did some beach-combing.

The Obis Form
Carol found the perfect resting spot... the Obis Form tree. Just sit back and relax!

First View
As we neared the top, we were rewarded with the first view overlooking the Minas Basin

The Top
As hoped, the views at the top were worth the journey

The start

At the top

A view

Stephen & Pa



We're here


More great views


Bay of Fundy

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