Extreme Slug Viewing in British Columbia        

Ocean kayaking expeditions, bird watching trips, whale watching tours... it is all here. Except, for slug tours... and slugs are a big part of the west coast experience. I plan to start an extreme slug touring company when we are done with our adventure. In keeping with the big-is-better tradition here in BC, the slugs are huge and I think the potential is enormous. There is none of this chasing whales around hoping that they will be where they were on the previous tour so that the guide can find them, and there are no big, fancy or expensive binoculars or lenses needed as with birding. Slugs also represent ideal photography candidates as you can get up nice and close and use slooooooow shutter speeds in low light conditions with little worry of blurring the action. My company will guarantee 100% success or your money back.

Complaining about the slimy nature of slugs? I bet you haven't picked one up, have you? I assure you that only the bottom has the dreaded slime and that overall, they are not very slimy. That said, however, what slime there is, is very effective slime - it is just about impossible to remove without the aid of industrial solvents and an abrasive compound. I have also been told that if you lick a slug's back it will numb your tongue. I don't know if there is any truth to this or if it is just a story for the out-of-province types. I haven't tested it... yet.

Until I can get my extreme slug viewing company up and running, I will attempt to fill this niche with the following photos and slug fact list. I think you will agree there is more to them than you probably thought!

  • Banana slugs can reach up to 10 inches in length
  • The holes located on their back are for breathing
  • Their eyes are located on retractable/extendable stalks



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