Skiing in British Columbia (Winter 2003)

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We had an excellent 2003 winter in British Columbia which was at least partly due to the great skiing that the province offered. We managed 10 or 11 ski days during the year which was pretty good since I only managed about 3 during my last 5 years in Toronto. Poor Carol. She said she married me because I could ski; then we moved to Southern Ontario and I promptly stopped skiing citing traffic congestion and a dislike for airports during the holiday season. During our time in Toronto I had stated that if, "you want me to ski in BC then we should move to BC" so I figured that this was the year I best get my act together. I think I succeeded as discussions regarding of my lack of skiing (which were prevalent during the last five winters) ceased.

We skied at several places over the winter. Not only did we spend a couple of weekends at Sun Peaks, four days at Big White, several day trips at the smaller and semi-local Mount Timothy but we also spent a day at the virtually unknown ski destination of Bull Mountain. It was so unknown in fact, that we had to walk to the top and there were no real runs save for a single power line! The great thing about BC is that we could ski virtually anywhere so long as there was snow. The later part of that statement was not always guaranteed though and whether due to a natural or man-made global warming locals told us that recent winters were not what they used to be. That part was a bit disappointing - although there was snow in the mountains (though presumably there was less snow there as well) there is nothing like 6 feet of the stuff in the front yard. It makes winter so much fun and makes for big rivers to run in the spring. Of course, it also provides much needed moisture - something that BC seemed to be lacking as things shaped up for another bad year of forest fires. How is that for off topic - I started on skiing and ended on forest fires

Anyway, the skiing was great and we enjoyed it immensely - a person sure could get used to it. A special highlight was our trip to Big White as we were joined by Carol's cousins Bill and Linda and her sister and brother-in-law Joanne and Aaron. Skiing is always more fun with others!

Sun Peaks (near Kamloops)



Bull Mountain

Big White (near Kelona)




Elvis lives in BC!

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