Photos from Our winter in BC

For skiing photos see Skiing in BC

Wells, Barkerville and area

Back-road to Wells

Clear cut


Gold sluice


Carol, Stephen
and Michel

Kate's place

Kate's clinic

Kate's house

Shed construction

Clinic in winter

A 'foxy' visitor

Lots of Winter fun in Wells...

Out West... Sheep Junction Range


Farewell Canyon

The canyon

the Hudoos

Muddy feet

Emma and Carol

Climbing the dunes

Emma, Gareth and Rufus

Desous Mountain

Bike trail sign

Trail head


Fire tower

Joanne, Aaron and Stephen

Great views

Christmas Time

Chrsitmas tree hunt

Our Charlie Brown
Christmas tree

Christmas in Wells

Having fun at Christmas

Easter Eggs

The drill technique

Shawn and Carol

Laura at work

A finished product

Egg blowing

Finished eggs


A Hike to Esler Bluffs


The Bluffs

Come-on Whiskey

Bull Mountain

Let's find powder!

Secret Agent Carol

"Nuclear missile"

Miscellaneous Pictures

The Fraser River with...

...the Quesnel...

...Blackwater Paddlers

Marguerite cable ferry

Final fall days in our camper

Sulis visit

GT snow racing

Home built GT prototype

View from our backyard

Joanne and Aaron visit!


I want the ball!!

Shawn and Forrest

Bath time

Whiskey and Carol Relaxing

Curt and Brook

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